ACNC External Conduct Standards

Australian registered charities that are operating overseas are required to comply with the ACNC External Conduct Standards (ECS). These standards are an example of principle-based regulation, rather than a set of prescriptive rules. This means that each charity has to determine what are “reasonable steps” to apply the principles in their own particular context. Compliance is not “black and white” but requires a considered application of the principles to each organisation.

As a member of Missions Interlink, Hope From Above Inc. (HFA) has received resources developed by Moores to assist with applying the External Conduct Standards to our organisation. These resources have been developed with input from Missions Interlink members and the final version will be released shortly. Using these resources, the Board and executive staff of HFA are conducting a thorough review of HFA’s operations to identify any additional processes or policies we can implement to ensure best practice.

This is a process that the whole sector has been working through since the ECS and ACNC guidance were released in July last year. Our preliminary review indicates that this will involve minor changes (if any) to the way we operate. We anticipate that this review will be complete on 30th June 2020.  

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