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September 22, 2014


For our HFA Drawing Competition we received some spectacular pictures! Every picture had great creativity and some fantastic innovation in aviation and technology. There were solutions to reach Mr X that included helicopters, drones, parachutes, satellites and even wing suits. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved!

Here are the winners of the competition! Congratulations!



Age category: 4-7 years old


Kids Competition - Charlie copy

By: Charlie

Kids Competition - Nathan copy

By: Nathan

To get to Mr X you have to walk. There are lots of dangerous animals, poisonous plants, deep rivers and steep mountains. It may take days. The missionaries have to take a tent, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit and a bible. What an adventure!


Kids Competition - Darren copy

By: Darren


Age category: 8-12 years old

Please note this age category was judged on creativity and technology. It was a tough choice!


Kids Competition - Sienna copy

By: Sienna

Kids Competition - Charlotte copy

By: Charlotte

The missionary helicopter is using its smoke detector on the side of it to find Mr X’s house and family and they took a bible with them so they can tell Mr X about Jesus. Also the helicopter is brightly coloured so that it’s obvious.


Kids Competition - Sam

By: Sam

My picture shows 3 drones flying around the forest looking for Mr X. One of the drones found Mr X using an imaging camera and then missionaries were able to tell him about Jesus.


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“And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” 

- Romans 10:14-15

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