Prayer Update
February 19, 2018

Thank you for praying for HFA! Below you will find some of our recent prayer requests.


Praise Points

  1. We give thanks for the wonderful work of Mailys, who is finishing up at the office this week, before moving to India.
  2. We praise God for bringing us a capable replacement in Lizzie, to take on the work.
  3. Our staff member with skin cancer recently underwent surgery again. Praise God that all went well and he has returned cheerfully to work.
  4. Give thanks for good progress in our workshop; we are currently building a variaty of technical gear for Voice of the Martyrs.
  5. Praise God that a mass production of parts in Asia could be initiated.
  6. We are grateful for a ‘good run’ of shipping boxes overseas.
  7. We are thankful for a number of speaking engagments and growing interest from churches.


Prayer Points

  1. Pray for continued progress of our current projects. Ask that more boxes being shipped to Asia would arrive safely.
  2. Pray for an upcoming Board Meeting. Pray for wisdom, direction and continued unity among the  Board members.
  3. Pray for the continued establishment of our German branch and the team there.
  4. Pray that God will open a way to access a people group in South America and for wisdom for all of those involved.
  5. Pray for the ongoing health needs of our staff members in Australia and overseas. A lot of healing is needed.
  6. Ask that God will give peace and healing to our staff member with skin cancer, as he awaits radiation treatment.
  7. Pray for continued healing of our staff members in the Himalyas after multiple medical procedures.


Unreached People

This category is a tool to raise awareness and pray for the unreached. Please note that HFA is not necessarily involved in reaching the people groups mentioned in this section.


Fula Jalon in Guinea

With a population of 5,524,000 the Fula Jalon people are a large group located in the western African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Senegal. Only 0.01% of the population are known to be Christian. These people are semi-nomadic and raise crops as well as livestock. The Fula Jalon are almost completely Muslim, faithfully following the teachings of the Koran. They believe that Allah is the only god and that Mohammed is his prophet. Islamic schools are also set up for the children in some of the villages.

  1. Pray that the Lord will open hearts and minds to the truth of the Gospel.
  2. Ask for devoted workers willing to live among the people and share their faith boldy. 
  3. Pray for effectiveness of the Jesus film among the Fula Jalon.
  4. Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession.
  5. Ask the Lord to bring forth a triumphant Fula Jalon church for the glory of His name!


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Thank you! We truly appreciate your ongoing prayers! We would also love to hear from you if the Lord gives words of wisdom in response to these prayer requests.

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on the throne, and to the Lamb."

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