Prayer Update
July 27, 2018

Thank you for praying for HFA! Below you will find some of our recent prayer requests.


Praise Points

  1. A staff member was recently invited to speak at a large conference about the gospel and unreached people groups. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray that God will work in the hearts of those who heard the message.
  2. Our sister organisation ‘Hoffnung im Limit’ was invited to set up a display at a convention in Switzerland. We are thankful for many good conversations with visitors at the booth, who recognised the potential of aviation and technology in missions.
  3. We are encouraged by looking at what God is doing, even in what seems to be an impossible place. Despite opposition the word of God is getting to people!
  4. Praise God that He is faithful to His promises.


Prayer Points

  1. Please pray for good health, safe travel and continued stamina for staff members on a European speaking tour. Ask that those who attend will be encouraged and enlightened.
  2. Please pray for wisdom for all our partner organisations who deal with restrictions imposed by governments on different continents.
  3. Ask for rest and recuperation for staff who have just returned to their home country from the Himlaya and for wisdom for their next mission.
  4. Please pray for comfort for staff who are recently bereaved, and help for those dealing with family matters.


Unreached People

This category is a tool to raise awareness and pray for the unreached. Please note that HFA is not necessarily involved in reaching the people groups mentioned in this section.

Jabal Nafusah in Libya

The Jabal Nafusah are a large people group numbering almost 200,000 who live in a mountainous region of North Africa. A unique aspect of their villages are the famous troglodyte houses which are dug into the sides of the mountains. Although most Libyans are Sunni Muslims, the Nafusah belong to an Islamic sect called Ibadaya (an off-shoot of Kharijism). Whilst they observe many fundamental Islamic practices, some of their customs are quite unorthodox. For example, the village mosque does not face towards Mecca. It is thought that there are no bible resources in their own language.

  1. Ask the Lord to call people who are willing to go to Libya and share Christ.
  2. Pray that the doors of Libya will soon open to missionaries.
  3. Ask God to provide evangelistic tools and equipment needed to reach them both spiritually and geographically.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts toward Christians so that they will be receptive to the gospel.
  5. Ask the Lord to raise up strong local churches.

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Thank you! We truly appreciate your ongoing prayers! We would also love to hear from you if the Lord gives words of wisdom in response to these prayer requests.

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