Prayer Update
September 28, 2018

Thank you for praying for HFA! Below you will find some of our recent prayer requests.


Praise Points

  1. Praise God that our German branch has now officially been established! Please continue to uphold the team there in prayer.
  2. Give thanks that progress is continuing in the workshop with our water drone project.
  3. We are grateful to God for a good Board Meeting last week and the decisions made.
  4. Praise God for what He has done in a very difficult region in Asia this year. Our aviation/technology solutions have been successfully used, despite all odds.


Prayer Points

  1. Please pray that more Christians will hear God's call to reach the unreached. As Sunday services are held around the world ask that God will open hearts and that He will send labourers into the harvest. For the harvest is ripe!
  2. Please pray for team members who are currently overseas assisting with the sale of a house for an aging parent. Ask for God’s guidance, wisdom and provision.
  3. Pray for the recruitment of a Deputy Director and a Board Member, that God’s will be done in all we do.
  4. Pray for a team heading to a Himalayan country to investigate with underground Christians, how we may be able to support the spreading of the gospel.


Unreached People

This category is a tool to raise awareness and pray for the unreached. Please note that HFA is not necessarily involved in reaching the people groups mentioned in this section.

Hausa in Cameroon

The Hausa are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa and live in communities throughout a number of West African countries. It is thought that they first migrated to Cameroon in the late nineteenth century. The Hausa of Cameroon are virtually all Muslim. This is a high percentage in Cameroon where only one-fourth of the whole population is Islamic. However, many of their religious practices have been mixed with local traditions. For example, traditional rituals include making sacrificial offerings to spirits and to the spirit possessed. Most rituals are performed by family members, but specialists are sometime called upon because the Hausa priests, or malams, are thought to have the best charms.

  • Ask the Lord to send long term labourers to live among the Hausa and share the love of Christ with them. 
  • Ask God to strengthen, encourage, and protect the small number of Muslim Hausa who have become followers of Christ.
  • Pray that their traditional Muslim culture will soften, creating open doors for the gospel to be preached among them.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of the Hausa towards Christians so that they will be receptive to the gospel.

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Thank you! We truly appreciate your ongoing prayers! We would also love to hear from you if the Lord gives words of wisdom in response to these prayer requests.

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"Salvation belongs to our God, who sits
on the throne, and to the Lamb."

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