Three Religious Leaders, Three Very Different Words In Response To Persecution March 26, 2015

Written by Eric Foley, posted on Used with permission.   Recognizing that how we speak as Christians matters profoundly--we serve a living Word--let's give some thought to three very different words in response to persecution from three very different religious leaders: 1. Archbishop Bashar Warda, Catholic Chaldean Church in Kurdistan, speaking on the situation of the...

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Sharing the gospel in the face of persecution March 10, 2015

A church leader in Vietnam is taken to the police station to be beaten and interrogated. A young girl in Pakistan, falsely accused of ripping pages from the Koran, is arrested as a mob shouts “Kill her!”. A widow in Libya grieves the murder of her husband, who was executed along with 20 other Coptic Christians because of his faith. And in the news right now, Christians are being attacked in Iraq, Nigeria and many...

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What will it cost? January 29, 2015

By: D.S. Phillips, from his book The Leaf Book and the Crossed Wood What did it cost Jesus? What will it cost us to gain credibility with the suffering people that we have hopes of ministering to? We can start by asking the question "What did it cost Jesus to identify with us in our humanity?" He became one of us. He walked among us. He left behind a place and position of comfort and perfection. He lived in a...

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What is He worth? November 10, 2014

By: D.S. Phillips, from his book the Leaf Book and the Crossed Wood What is our priority? One of the greatest deterrents to missions and going to the hard places for the sake of the gospel in the modern day church is our fear of suffering. We are in a love affair with our comfort. We have succumbed to the lie that God's ultimate goal for His followers is their own prosperity and lack of suffering. We have plunged...

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"Salvation belongs to our God, who sits
on the throne, and to the Lamb."

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