Prayer Update
March 12, 2020

Thank you for praying for HFA! Below you will find some of our recent prayer requests.

“LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”
“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 3:2, 2:14

Praise Points

  • Praise God that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.
  • God’s promises are encouraging, especially when it does take time to design and develop aviation & technology solutions for missionaries.
  • So many isolated people groups have already been exposed to the knowledge of the glory of God since HFA started in 2013. Praise God! His ways are good.
  • Thank you for all the people who pray and support HFA in many different ways.

Prayer Points

  • The ‘nations are in uproar’ (Psalm 46:6) over the coronavirus. Pray that God’s sovereign plan will be carried out, and that people will come to know Jesus.
  • Please pray for our engineers who design, build, and manufacture all kinds of technology for missionaries.
  • Pray for continued progress with the tests of different components of the waterdrone, which take place in between other pressing projects.
  • Pray for wisdom as we adapt projects to changing circumstances including travel restrictions.
  • We are in the process of recruiting a Chief Operating Officer. Please pray for this search.

Unreached People Group

This category features an unreached people group to raise awareness. HFA is not necessarily involved in reaching this particular group.

Aghul in Russia

The Aghul (population ~35,000) live in an extremely rugged mountainous area called Dagestan, which is part of Russia, on the edge of the Caspian Sea. There are roughly 21 Aghul villages here. The men are mainly shepherds or work in construction, while the women manage the household. Only one known believer is currently known among the Aghul.

  • Pray for cultural sensitivity paired with physical and emotional toughness for the few missionaries currently working among the Aghul people.
  • Pray that Scriptural metaphors, particularly about Jesus as the Good Shepherd, will resonate deeply with the Aghul because of their lifestyle.
  • Pray for the Aghul to find out that God is the source of their strength and provision.

For more information, visit the Joshua Project page for the Aghul.

Thank you! We truly appreciate your ongoing prayers. We would also love to hear from you if the Lord gives words of wisdom in response to these prayer requests.

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"Salvation belongs to our God, who sits
on the throne, and to the Lamb."

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